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Martyr: A Poem by Collette Kristevski

Remember the first time,
the beginning,
when insistent eyes met mine,
stared deep into my guts and twisted them up inside
with words both wonderful and wounding –
an effort his mouth recognized from a long time ago.
The wounded became the wounder,
and I was willing to be wounded too,
and to wound.
His love created a tension,
alive in my breath,
suspended in mid-air –
a quick inhale
and a slow exhale.
It was a fall from heights I have not been since,
for I no longer desire to heal what I cannot
and then to feign martyrdom.

//Martyr, 5/20/2019
//Collette Kristevski

Hello friends! I know it’s been a while. I’ve had quite the stressful couple of weeks. We found a house and we close on June 7th, so I’ve been dealing with all the inspections, fixes, paperwork, packing, etc. that comes with that. I didn’t realize it was such a process. My pet rabbit is also sick and has been to the vet 3X since last weekend and has a myriad of medications that need to be given, including daily injections. All of that while also wrangling a toddler all day can be quite tiring. But I decided to take a few minutes to finish this poem that’s been sitting unfinished for a few weeks. You know that saying “Hurt people hurt people”? I’ve found that saying to be quite true. I have been the hurt and the hurter, and I’ve let that cycle influence my relationships in the past. This poem is about one particular relationship in which this cycle was clear as day from the beginning, but I chose to ignore my gut about it and enter into it anyway. I thought I was superwoman – that I could heal him and myself and not fall. Two years later and still in the relationship I was more broken leaving it than I was entering it. Thankfully, even in that broken place there was beauty to be found. I am oddly grateful, though I’ll admit that forgiving myself for my bad choices and mistakes in all of those relationships, but especially this particular one, is still difficult.

Comfortable Love: A Blackout Poem by Collette Kristevski

Heartbreaking romance
has passed.
Love happened,
and I belong
in my life.

//Comfortable Love, 4/16/2019
//Collette Kristevski

Prior to meeting my husband, a common denominator in every romantic relationship or interest that I had was a consistent feeling of anxiety about one or more aspects of the relationship. I tell my husband all the time that one of the reasons I knew I was going to marry him was the complete absence of anxiety. From the beginning up to now, instead of anxiety, there has been a feeling of comfort and security. When I made this blackout poem, it reminded me of that.

A Panegyric: A Poem by Collette Kristevski

We love,
like free verse:
the pen.
the afflatus.
Our phrases,
the meter.
the rhyme.
flutter –
an onomatopoeia.
our syntax.
All my best personifications,
swallowed by my hands
in your hands.
My best similes,
like a four-letter word,
My best metaphors,
rose-colored glasses –
We speak
always in alliteration alone.
We sing
for aeons of waiting.
We sigh
in archaisms,
and I am fain to breathe them in.
Your words,
to lonely ears.
I repeat you after three lines,
like three breaths.
Inhale –
two syllables.
Your voice,
a stanza;
a refrain.
like poetry.

//A Panegyric, 6/6/2014
//Collette Kristevski

You Heal Me: A Poem by Collette Kristevski

You ask me for poetry
as a gift.
I tell you,
I’m sorry,
but I cannot give you poetry.
You ask me why.
And I answer:
Because I don’t know how to write about
what does not hurt.

//You Heal Me
//Collette Kristevski, 4/5/2019

Shout out to my husband who doesn’t drive me to need to emotionally vomit all over paper in order to cope or process. If you are in a relationship that requires tons of angsty poetry for you to survive it, perhaps you should re-evaluate. Trust me, I’ve been there. I once was the self-proclaimed queen of angsty romantic poetry. It wasn’t a flattering look for me.