Sinking Ship: A Poem by Collette Kristevski

I chose to swim on our sinking ship
when Love said let it sink.
I burned our bridge and built it again
from the ashes heap.
I emptied my lungs with apologies,
and filled them again with your blame.
And if you ever said that I was crazy,
just remember, you made me that way.
All of those shoulds and should nots,
you laid them at my feet.
I chose the should nots to taste of your rust
which cut my tongue deep.
You said it was you, then said it was me,
and never took any blame.
I left without words, just ran away.
You managed to twist them anyway.
I tried to love you, tried to hold on,
whispered my hope through sighs.
I tried to heal you, tried to heal me.
The only way was to leave no goodbyes.
You live in your lies, you lose all your loves.
You can’t keep one thing straight.
You tell yourself you know of love,
so why do you manifest hate?

//Sinking Ship

//Collette Kristevski, 2018

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